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Shopping centers in the increasingly competitive sales, as sales agent end clothing brand highly valued and market the store as a visual display of the operation will affect the overall brand effect.

HC Apparel Network With the domestic and foreign brands Clothing Diversified development, shopping malls in Sell Increasingly competitive, as Proxy Clothing brand, enjoyed a sales terminal, but as a visual Marketing The store display will affect the overall brand of operating results.

Display the brand’s new season is usually based on product style, color, fabric, quantity, style, combing elements of adjustment, after forming the company’s main criteria as the agent sent to the hands, and called the display of samples according to the company book and With Manuals and other basic framework to do it.

Before the store opened, the general responsible for the company’s display division, the agency brand shopping site for brand display of resident training or agency (business) on display for people to brand the company’s prototype store training, the brand’s fashion display concept, store display techniques such as on-site display guidance, operations are usually on display image instead of displaying a model of on-site guidance.

Clothing market in recent years, competition tends to brand strength of competition, the brand company grow its own power, growing agency, expanding its size, there are many clothing brands to accelerate the repayment of financial integration, expansion of other non-apparel industries, such as the development of real estate, catering, take extensive Join way.

In this case, the mall brand stores all over the display of control, supervision is often beyond the reach or the time to pay attention.

For the agency, they are in brand clothing store sales terminals, need to brand the company’s basic framework of the implementation of the store display design, it is necessary to display style clothing brand loyal, display standards, but also in itself and in combination Market conditions in the store to play some of the design. The face of complex and volatile sales environment, agents have to constantly adjust to meet the marketing needs to improve, usually listed under the new time, promotional activities, climate change and other factors, make the appropriate adjustments to display. Therefore, the display is not only limited to the implementation of conditions, but also flexible.

Face selling all kinds of pressure to adjust the display manager Shopping guide, promotional effort, the outcome was not satisfactory. Analysis of the reasons: First, inadequate training for staff on display, pre-job training and regular exchange of display is not enough. Second, Shopping guide educational level in general, there is no formal training in the display design, lack of practical experience. Third, agents unscientific display Management Methods, not to display work. Therefore, as agent company, it going on display for sale.

Raise the level on display as an important way to enhance the sales of shopping centers, agents from the reality, combined with local characteristics, to solve the design displayed in clothing store in the final to boost sales, spread the brand culture and achieve maximum business profits.

First, to strengthen the training of display. Commercial market is constantly changing, only the additional time to learn, to adapt to the rhythm of the pace of business. For example, sending employees to receive training directly to the brand, or ask the company brand displayed on display Teachers teach the knowledge, or other flexible approach to training. Employees in commercial stores in the highly mobile in order to maintain the stability of operations within the company should establish a flexible mechanism for training.

Second, to expand Cooperation And employment. Poor brand agency operations, it is difficult for both pulse of several brands, once operational is not good, not only damaged their own profit, but also suffered Withdraw crisis, so, with related consulting (training) management of the company’s cooperation is a common crossing had difficulties, the common benefit of an effective way. For example, the display of a season management plan commissioned by a company or a studio to do, or direct hire experienced teachers the freedom to display and take the work breakdown of the works on display.

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