The Right Grooming Table For You Or Your Professional Grooming Needs

A grooming table is paramount to a professional dog or pet groomer. Some pet owners also buy tables for grooming if they have done an on-line or correspondence course in pet grooming, to help them look after their pet better. Just as people need to groom themselves to keep clean, and care for their skin, hair and nails, so pets need that care too. Grooming your pet aides the animal’s health and well being, it is not just to make it look good.

Vet’s bills can sometimes be large if there is a problem with your pet that you just were not qualified to notice. Pet grooming services have qualified staff that can pick up on this kind of thing early on, and let you know. This in turn stops the pet getting sicker before you are able to go and do something at the outset, instead of later, when it is much worse. Professional groomers can spot scratches and other problems early and cleanse and point them out to you.

Collecting your pet from a grooming service is an enjoyable experience, and helps your pet bond with you better. Your pet is healthier and happier through this service, and is happy to see you at the end of it.

Among the vast range of grooming tables available there are manual fold-able tables, electric tables, and hydraulic tables with tops that swivel. Therapeutic benefit features are sometimes built in to these special tables. Because of their clientele it is common for grooming professionals to sometimes have more than one table.

Some tables are riveted together, whilst others are welded, making it more stable. The grooming professional needs to have a table they are happy with, as they will be spending so much time grooming animals on it. If a table doesn’t have all the features a groomer wants, then it often makes their job a bit harder, and they look for a better one, or request one of a higher quality.

The variety of electric, manual, and hydraulic tables are wide. They come in a vast array of sizes and styles for the grooming professional. Your local groomer will be able to tell you how often to bring in your pet for maximum benefit. For example every seven weeks is a beneficial time period for your poodle. This is because animals molt their fur or hair at different rates, and need different care.

Electric tables aid pet groomers by helping to prevent back injuries. They do this by enabling the animal to walk onto and off of the table top without the need for the groomer to have to lift the animal. Because the table is electric it elevates the animal on the table top up to the groomer to start, and down to the floor when finished.

These tables also usually have a non skid textured surface. Pet tables come in a variety of colors. Blue is usually the best color surface as it shows up pet hair, whereas black does not reflect very well, and isn’t so good for the professional to be able to see as clearly. Whatever grooming table you choose, with the variety of styles and colors available, the hardest thing you will have to do is pick the one that suits you best.

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