Fragrances For Men

Fragrances For Men

Men tend to choose their fragrances as a statement, a method of standing out and being noticed, and often want the impression of their fragrance to carry a few moments after they have left the vicinity.

There are perfumes for men, and many men are making the switch from colognes to perfumes for men when choosing a fragrance. Colognes and perfumes are similar, but they are not quite the same thing. Many people have an automatic notion that colognes are for men and perfumes are for women. The fashion industry is now changing this.

The basic difference between cologne and perfume is the concentration of alcohol. Colognes have a higher concentration of alcohol while perfumes, whether for men or for women, are an oil based concoction. Perfumes are a bit stronger and last much longer on the skin than colognes. The essential oils in perfume make the aroma they carry more noticeable.

Perfumes for men are being marketed as a modern man sales pitch, with companies wanting men to believe that the notion of men wearing and buying perfume is new and chic. In reality perfumes for men have been around just as long as perfumes for women. The colonial era was filled with men wearing perfumes.

Designer scents are considered the supreme king of all man’s scents. These fragrances are remarkably expensive and come in a variety for all tastes and preferences. These high end fragrances are very distinct, which for some people are very pleasing and for others they are not worth the price.

The world of prestigious fragrances is filled with aromas that signify wealth, abundance, and a sense of richness and royalty. They have become popular thanks to fashion magazines and a reasonably high price. The prestigious fragrances include Obsession, Desire, Pink and a host of similar fragrances that classify themselves in the same manner.

Celebrity fragrances are becoming increasingly popular and are taking over the lead in sales. Celebrity fragrances are reasonable fragrances at mid range prices that carry a famous name and endorsement. Naturally celebrity endorsements are an efficient method of increasing sales, especially when that celebrity is young and sexy.

All of these fragrances offer men a unique and distinctive scent that enables them to stand out and of course, make a statement. Choosing a man’s fragrance, whether it is a perfume or cologne, is a matter of personal preference and style. A man who enjoys high end clothes is going to flock to the high end colognes.