Clothing in the Dominican Republic

Clothing in the Dominican Republic

The tropical weather greatly influences clothing in the Dominican Republic. Although traditional clothes such as long dresses with bright colors like orange, yellow and red showing Spanish influence with matching necklaces, bracelets and earrings are worn on occasions, Dominicans most of the time wear summer clothes such as t-shirts, sandals, shirts or blouses, skirts, light jacket, and sweaters.

Weather is one of the major aspects that play a part in the kind of clothing travelers would want to bring on their vacation to the Dominican Republic. The climate is generally warm with small variation on the island; there can be some heavy rainfall at certain times of the year so taking along some rain gear is advisable in case of rain showers.

Social setting is also imperative when considering clothing in the Dominican Republic. Religion is essential to everyday lives of Dominicans, who are mostly Roman Catholics, so tourists planning to visit a church or attending a religious ceremony should keep in mind that it is significant to wear a conservative style of dress. Do not wear shorts to church and it is always deferential for women to cover their heads before entering a church building. In addition man should not wear hats or remove hats or any head coverings before entering the church as a sign of reverence. Church clothing in the Dominican Republic for women, frequently wear long sleeves and veils when attending church services.

Beach or resort clothing in the Dominican Republic is fairly informal when it comes to the appropriate attire. Shorts and bathing suits under a warp at breakfast or lunch are considered acceptable most of the time. Dinner time is generally more formal, skirts and long pants and collared shirts are typically worn. Some restaurants in certain places like Santo Domingo can at times have a stricter dress code. It is recommended that men wear trousers and women wear dresses during lunch and dinner in this part of the Dominican Republic.

Standard clothing in the Dominican Republic by the Dominicans are similar to Americans, the usual casual clothes such as shirts, shorts, skirts, and sandals are definitely in, summer clothes are timeless as the weather seems to be like summer all year round. Light jackets and sweaters are worn to wrap for some night’s cold winds and breeze. However, the Spanish influence in clothing in the Dominican Republic is also present in the way Dominican people dress, and every now and then women exhibit this through brightly colored dresses and Spanish-style accessories.

For tourists who want to get a taste and a feel of the traditional clothing in the Dominican Republic, these types of clothes can be bought in special shops found all through the island. Ask around the locals or hotel staff of where to get these items at great prices and take home some of your Dominican Republic vacation with you through real Dominican Republic traditional clothes.