Firewear: More Protection, More Comfort

Firewear: More Protection, More Comfort

When you work hard protecting people, you deserve to have work wear that protects you. American Firewear is a company that specializes in providing mainly protective clothing to rescue workers and fire fighters. This company has an innovative, forward thinking method of developing protective clothing that is flexible and has the fit you need to have exceptional fire protective clothing for your demanding career.

What do you get when you trust American Firewear for your protective needs?


This is a company that understands not everyone has copious amount of money to purchase the protection they need. American Firewear is designer to fit anyone’s budget.


There are few companies that offer the quality of innovation that this company offers. Every product you purchase is guaranteed to push the standards. Innovation is built into every product.


You need protection, and with this work wear you will have the best in the world today. You will have protection that is ensured by NFPA certification.


When it comes to quality few companies can offer you what American Firewear offers you. You get this guarantee because the quality is backed by the ISO 9001 registration.

You entire working experience will be enhanced when you feel safe, and this company recognizes the importance you place on the safety of yourself and your crew or coworkers. These are men and women you count on to keep you covered when things get hot. American Firewear has your back.

This is a copacetic relationship between man and his work wear that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

For instance, you may be interested in the many shirts you can purchase that carry this same perfection you demand in yourself.

Fleece Zipper Front Sweatshirt

This is an amazing sweatshirt with z front zipper and drawstring hood. The pockets are comfortably located on the sides so you can keep your hands protected or carry something extra. The fleece insures you are comfortable and will look fashionable.

Knit Long Sleeve Tee Shirt

If you like long sleeved tee shirts, you will definitely appreciate the quality, the protection, and the value you get with this tee shirt. There is a right breast pocket, and the sleeves are cuffed for optimal protection between you and your harsh environment. This is great as an undershirt or as the main course.

Short Sleeve Henley Shirt

By far a favorite of many fire fighters or rescue workers, this Henley shirt is the ideal addition to your protective gear. The three button closure at the neckline means you get to choose what is comfortable and allows you to breathe in your clothing. Short sleeves make this great for staying safe in the heat but remaining cool. This is definitely the ultimate in fire protection apparel.

When you choose American Firewear for your FR apparel, you will come to appreciate all of the qualities you are guaranteed when you trust this innovative company. When you demand more, when you demand the best, there is an affordable solution out there for you. Simply purchase the certified, registered FR protection apparel produced by American Firewear.