How to choose the right style of clothing for men

As far as your image is perfect in many respects depends on you. There is a myth that the services of image consultants, is resorted to only women, grossly exaggerated. His adviser on style – a necessary component of life for men. Only one – a wife, for another – a friend or acquaintance. 

So choose your style of dress is absurd and not constructive. To select your style to just something to know a few basic rules and simple practical advice, following which you can always pick up clothes and look elegant and modern.

Creating your image does not begin with buying new clothes, but with a look at his reflection in the mirror. You must like your appearance, you must be sure that it looks at all 100! This is the first step of stylish men. Further, selects his clothes under the character, especially his temperament and shapes. The most frequent errors are made here. For example, if the full figure to wear tight stuff!

So how to choose the style of clothesfor men? Let’s start with the costumes. There are three types of men’s suits, which define the style of clothing for men. It is an American, English and European. They differ slightly, and the styles are superimposed on one another, but the choice you need to know what best suits your figure. 

The American suit is suitable, above all, a “big” men. This type came up, mostly for Americans differ from Europeans fullness and a larger physique. The main features of this style: single-breasted jacket with three buttons and a strict straight trousers. Jacket with three buttons has an interesting feature that is useful to you if you are a great! Unbuttoning the top button, you will visually lengthen the body and awake look taller and slimmer! Pants in this style is straight and smooth. This apparently reduces the stomach and the area below the waist, as other types of trousers a little draw attention to this part of the body.

English costume you can wear for men of athletic build. The creation of this style comes from the British military form or habit. This costume is very pritalen has slits on the back or sides. As a military uniform, he stressed the figure and releases the shoulders, it is advantageous signifies your athletic physique. Male athletic build should choose single-breasted jacket with lapels of two buttons, located higher up, which will reduce the width of the shoulders.